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Versions of PhoneDeck

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Version License Language O.S.
PhoneDeck 1.3 16/06/11 Free English
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 98 SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows XP

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Free, full-featured address book

PhoneDeck has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English.

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"Robust, low memory consumption, small size download, good addressbook app."

First things first, the downloaded file from Softonic did NOT contain any bundled software, and both the setup executable and all other installed files were mallware free according to my anti-virus program (Digital Defender).

Taken from the program's help file, the following were found to be accurate and true:

"PhoneDeck is a flexible, lightweight phonebook and addressbook program for Windows 95/98/NT. I wrote it for the same old reason and I wrote all the other programs here: the available applications, though some are very fine, did not do quite what I needed. There was always a feature missing or an interface quirk. So here is PhoneDeck.

PhoneDeck aims to be a reasonably featureful application, but is not meant to replace a large PIM-type application. It is designed for personal use and may not be suitable for heavy-duty address management in a business environment.

PhoneDeck was designed primarily with ease of use in mind. It has a configurable interface, and provides many ways of viewing, finding and editing addresses, so that you can choose the way that suits you most. Everything that PhoneDeck is capable of, can be done with the keyboard, so you don't always have to use the mouse.

PhoneDeck was originally released in July 2000. Currently (December 2000) it is very stable and nearly complete, though new features and improvements are added very frequently.

Major PhoneDeck features

· Unlimited number of addresses that can be stored in a single addressbook file

· One-click add or edit address entry.

· Quickly access any address by typing the first few letters of the name, by clicking an alphabet index button, or by using the powerful Find feature.

· Switch between two alternate views in the main window. One view displays all the address data in a single list (you may select the items to be displayed there and change their order). The other view uses tab sheets to divide all address data into groups - for example, one tab displays all contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, URLs...), another tab displays home address, yet another tab displays office address, etc. You can switch between the two views with a single keypress or mouse click.

· Dial a phone number or launch your email application with a single click on an address entry.

· An address can be locked to prevent its accidental deletion.

· Configurable activation hotkey to bring the program window to front after it was minimized to the system tray

· If you would like to list an address under two ways, you can! For instance, you can list your friend John Smith alphabetically by his name, and also create a link (shortcut) which you can name ACME, by the company he runs. This does not double the entry: both items will point to the same address data.

· For addresses which have a person's first and last name, you can specify the order in which the are displayed (John Smith or Smith John)

· Redial last number function

· Quick Dial and Quick Email lists. You can add up to 10 phone numbers and 10 email addresses to a quick dial and quick email list, then dial a number or send email faster, without even having to navigate to the address entry.

· All address data can be copied to clipboard.

· Place program icon in system tray.

· Automatically save and backup the addressbook file.

· You can customize the appearance (font and color) of nearly every element of the program's interface

· Add category icons to each entry, search or display addresses by the category you assigned.

· When you add a new address, some of its fields can be filled automatically. For instance, most addresses you will be adding will probably have the same "Country" and "City" fields. These can be pre-filled automatically for you when you add an entry.

· Address books can be merged.

· Names of the address information fields can be translated to your language. See Language files for details.

· Certain commands can be performed globally on a list of selected addresses.

· Automatic installation and deinstallation."

  • Can import/export to & from .dck 2 .txt, .html, and .csv.
  • Direct email or phone dialing with a simple click.
  • Support for more formats (e.g. .vcf, .wab, etc.), would really make this one a big hit.

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21 Dec 2015

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